Hello, Bagg Brigade! It’s Friday evening and I am about to do some studying on handbag making. I mean, real handbag making. The way I’m supposed to do it.The way ya’ll do it. Finding pieces for handles, the right materials, trimming and all that . I hope you guys are patient with me because I know you don’t want to only read about what I am putting together. I want my pieces to look like a real handbag, not a rag. So I need to do some serious research. I want to be creative and show my work. I want to also have a small business(which I may mentioned before). And my favorite type of bag is a tote bag. My Pinterest board(TheBaggXChange) is full of handbag pins. A lot of them are totes. I have a lot of ideas and I am planning to have a site on Etsy. I am looking at tutorials( free, of course). But I am working on it and will let you know how it’s going. Until next time(probably next week). Oh, stay hydrated because it’s going to be HOTTER IN JULY! Sorry for all the clichés. 


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