Style and Fashion

How much are you willing to spend? I think about this a lot. Especially when I see prices on things such as handbags, eyeglasses, etc. I think I would rather go to a site like RenttheRunway or BagBorrow&Steal to get my handbags. I wish there was a Magazine for handbags,  the way there is a magazine for shoes And I wonder how designers choose things like materials. Where does the  design comes from? How does he/she come up with a price? I can’t see myself paying a lot of money for something just because a celebrity is wearing/carrying it.

What catches my eye is color, shape – something that just jumps out at me. I don’t care if it’s Mariah Carey, or Lynn Whitfield or even Mary J. Blige, I know I just can’t afford what they are wearing. I am not trying to be broke just to look like someone else. I like the clothes, but I wouldn’t want to have the clothes just because these people have it on. I believe everyone has his/her own style or should have a style.

I know I cant’/shouldn’t tell people what to do, how to dress, etc. but it truly annoys me when I see/hear folks obsessing  over a celebrity. I am sure you have your own style. Stop spending all that money( I know it’s your money and you spend it how you please). Stop copying people. Maybe you could style them better . Why don’t you contact your celebrity crushes/icons and give them you opinions on colors and outfits you think they would look better in.

Really, how can you want to spend $800(?) for shoes. I am sure that these celebrities have people to style them anyway. Do they even have there own style? I am sure to get plenty of comments on this post. Well, I know I can’t stop folk from following the celebrities and other famous people. I just hope you would like what they are wearing, not to look like these people. Make your own style. You probably think I am crazy but I don’t believe you ought to buy hundreds of dollars for some accessories because famous people are wearing something you like. If you like it, there is nothing wrong with that, but I can’t see myself paying for Kate Spade or LV. It’s way too much. And we all know it. Don’t curse me out. You know it’s true.

I hope my Bagg Brigade doesn’t abandon me, but I am basically a cheap shopper. And until next time – Happy 4th!!




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