Hey, Bagg Brigade! It’s the weekend, again. Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July. I am ready to start on my headwear projects(scarves and wraps). I have the material that I want to use and it is so pretty. I thought I would use it for my handbags. But I actually don’t have the right material for the bags. But I could probably design  both.

For myself, I think the handmade designs, the individually made, colorful, one-of-a-kind are cute and unique are the ones that look like they were made by craftier beings. I like that uniqueness(Is that a word?) I also think the designs and creations of the ones that have the materials like leather, velour, and stiffer materials look more professional like. Like they are from the store. I read that I need home décor fabrics for those. Ok. I’ll have to look for those.  Seems kinda odd, but if I want/need to get the right thing, then I need to get it. 

Plan on going on Etsy one of these days. Got too many ideas( is that such a thing?) I may need to slow down. My sunglasses got scratches on them because I didn’t have a case. So I want to find the right materials(meaning I want to have recycled materials) to make one. If any body has any suggestions, please tell me, because I have no clue as to which would be the best fabrics to use.

And no, I definitely won’t dig in the trash for it. I’ll just probably have to go to Goodwill or The Salvation Army to get a fabric design and fabric I really want to use. And I will definitely try to get to Etsy by the holidays. (WHAT? why wait so long?) Anyway, BB, until next time. It’s getting to the 90’s. Don’t forget to hydrate often and be careful!



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