Men’s Fashions

When I started this blog, the concept was basically a two-part idea. Handbags for women(as in to having an online store); and to design/create bags for a store. The online store was supposed to have handbags and work bags for women and workbags for men. I haven’t gotten to that part yet.

But now, I want to let you know that I like to see a good bag for work. Not necessarily high-end or name brand. But I am into Franklin Covey ( This company is in my top three of stylish bags for work/career accessories. I posted last week about a Today show segment called ” Jill Martin’s Steals and Deals”. Jill Martin, who is with People magazine, hosts the segment, She  showed a handful of items and her last item was a huge travel bag. It came in black or tan, and it is really for women or men.

I forgot to let you know that this Steals and Deals segment always has serious discounts. These discount start at around 65%. So this travel bag has a retail price of over $300, but the discount for the bag brought it down to $98. I was excited about that and I had planned to go on that site and get one, because they get snatched up so quickly. I forgot. I hope the Bagg Brigade watched this and bought that bag.

I found this post about a guy who was talking about this bag. This bag is an all-around, carry all-the-time bag. The shape reminded me of a bowling bag by the shape of it but it looked better. It was the details, the size of it. It made me think of a casual work bag for men. I liked it a lot. I believe I commented on his blog. This post is mainly about men’s style and work style and men’s accessories. Because of course when they look put together for the occasion that definitely is a positive things. Until next time.


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