New Spaces

I am considering all of the places that I could try to sell my items and handmade things and how to market and who to talk to. I wanna try Ebay, I definitely plan to try Etsy, want my own website and have an online store. Also, I am still working on the funding and deciding – exactly what I would like to have for sell.

I still keep coming up with ideas: ideas for handbags – how I want to handle that part(handmade and be a reseller) and, ideas on other things I want to have to sell(for example, eyeglass cases, fragrances, headwraps/scarves, music services and the lemonade and tea thing. Since I have volunteered with a few organizations that I support, I would like to donate money to the ones I spent time with.

I want the Bagg Brigade to comment on my ideas, and especially the posts. Let me know If I am boring, or not giving enough information about things. I would like more feedback. So until next time, I’m staying busy and reading up on thangs and crafting and catching up on other blogs




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