Accessorize with Knowledge

What A Day! What A Day! What A Day! Hey Bagg Brigade! This past week has been uh, well, CRAZY! I’m talking about the heat and the Not Guilty verdict of George Zimmerman. But listen, let’s not get mad and stay mad. Let’s get even and educate ourselves. About the law. This “Justice system”.  Don’t hurt nobody. Let’s get more educated about these laws that are supposed to protect us and help us. I am about as upset and disappointed as a lot of other people. But I believe what we need to do is not get mad at the grinning lawyers of George Zimmerman. We need to learn about these laws and show them that we plan to change something. I’ve heard of the saying ” things are not always black and white”. That’s true, because it’s a lot of gray in this case, we just may not see what it is exactly. But they did. Some people want to still say it is not about race. To me, it is. Most of the time it is. But instead of us keep getting mad, we should educate ourselves about the Stand Your Ground law. Things like which states have this law and exactly what it means. Many of the laws really don’t benefit us the way they should. Sometimes it would sound good, but a lot of times they don’t really help us.

We know laws come up. Every year there are new laws being changed and put into place, modified, yadayadayada. Learn these laws. I know we can change somethings instead of sitting back and expecting other people to do the right thing. They won’t. We need to stand up and keep standing our ground. And I don’t mean just having a protest or gathering signatures. Some folk don’t care about peaceful protest. We don’t all have to get a law degree but we should keep talking about changing things. I know people are really busy doing things and doing their own thing, good things. But I really want us to stick together. Because we need to. (And I am expecting many comments, just don’t curse me out).

To the young black men, my brothers, please, just please think about not fighting. Think about how the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. may feel if he saw the fighting and trashing on the news today. You probably want me to shut up but I had to get this out because Sunday morning, when I found out about this verdict, I ended up with tears in my eyes. I don’t even have children. I had so many thoughts in my head. These charges, well, that to me is making it so confusing. We all know that the rioting won’t bring Trayvon Martin back, but I do believe that we can come up with a way to make the laws benefit us more. I’m going to the library to check out some books.

This would be a good time to find/get yourself a satchel or workbag and start adding to your knowledge. You don’t have to sound like Malcolm X. I am always printing out something and picking up pamphlets to read later. I know I don’t have to keep printing but I like to save information sometimes. Keep that info together and keep it with you. Keep reading, keep learning, keep talking and don’t stop. Gather ’round and compare what you know, share your knowledge. And for any positive, empowering info, you may want to look for This young man is so smart and definitely educated. Yea, we need to work and work hard to get these laws changed but we cannot stop trying. We can try to change a lot of these laws and read up on why some laws are the way they are. Work these laws so they really benefit us. I am sure there are so many people out there doing that already. But we need everybody keeping up with these laws. Let’s add to our own character and show what we know. And until next time. Get the knowledge. Don’t get mad – get even and change the game.


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