Kate Spade Opening Soon

Just came back from a beautiful vacation with my family. We travelled to San Marco Island in Florida. Very nice place. We stayed in a beach house that has an elevator. The place has three floors! We had eight people total. I had a lot of fun. Some of us kept getting lost.

I didn’t plan on buying anything but naturally, I had to window shop. Or should I say, Outlet shop. I think the place we went to is called Miromar Outlet. I saw a Michael Kors boutique and almost ran inside. Love handbags. Went inside and took my time looking at those bags. Saw some new styles. Tried to get some photos but bought the wrong type of batteries for my camera. Was almost dizzy looking at what the store carried. And I think I walked around twice.

We left the MK boutique and walked over to a Vera Bradely boutique. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. When I first started seeing this line years ago, I couldn’t get into. I don’t remember why, but now when I see something I love the patterns and the colors and all the variety. And the styles, and there are more than just bags.(Yea, yea, I know I’m late). Anyway, now that I know more I couldn’t wait to come back home and get to the shop here. Then we went into a Chico’s and I saw this beautiful silver necklace. We walked a lot and went into so many shops..

And then, there it was. A Kate Spade boutique. But it wasn’t open! WHAT? WHY NOT? When? I didn’t care for Kate Spade when I first started noticing the line. But now, I might look around some more. And I wanted to see what was behind those doors. All that walking was part of my exercise and I liked being out. I didn’t complain to much. Other places we saw were a Bloomingdales and Guess and I think there is a place called Last Call Neiman Marcus. I didn’t go inside that shop because my lets were really tired. I only swam in the pool at the house once. Had fun doing that. Never ate at The Cheesecake Factory and we had dinner there. It was a nice place.

My Passion for Bags keeps getting me into trouble. I don’t travel the way I wish I could but I always carry too much stuff. I had luggage for my clothes and a bag for shoes and hair products, a bag for medicine, an extra small bag( just in case), and a bag for nail polish, tweezers, toothpaste, etc. Is that normal? The trip was a 12-13 hour drive( I didn’t drive). Yea, an ALL DAY ride.

When I came back home, LI was so ready to fall into bed. I was tired and sore. Before I left I bought a sewing machine. I haven’t used it yet. I always have so many ideas, so I am gonna grab my fabric and work out some creations. Like my mini totes, my headwraps, and maybe a maxi skirt. For the Bagg Brigade, I hope I bring you some interesting stories and even useful information about the bags I like and what I want to create totes and maybe clutches. After emptying out my Big Red Handbag. I need to get to work. Don’t mean to repeat myself so, until next time, thank you for being patient.


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