The $35,000 Handbag?

 Did you hear the story Oprah told about travelling to Switzerland, go to a shop and asking to look  at a handbag? The clerk told Oprah no. Oprah just wanted to look at the handbag but the clerk said no. Afterwards, when Oprah found how much the bag  cost, she said “She was right, I can’t afford it”, or “She’s right, I really don’t want to see it”. Hahahahaha! Anyway, the owner of the shop apologized to Oprah. (I didn’t quote Oprah, but I think I was kind of close). And we know the clerk could have just handed Oprah the bag and waited. She wanted to embarrass her because Oprah is black. It’s not about race? If not, what was it? Bagg Brigade, tell me something, give me some kind of feedback.


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