Michael Kors, again.

Just keep thinking about Michael Kors handbags. Seems like I see them all the time now, But I don’t have one yet. Example 1, when my family was vacationing in Florida at the end of July this year, I I saw that my sister-in-law and her Mom were carrying the same Michael Kors satchel(I think it is a satchel). Shoulder strap with the MK pattern and the black or is it a grayish color. My sister-in-law informed me that her Mom had bought them the same exact handbag. Alright Momma, you got real good taste.

Example 2, at our family picnic in August, my niece came in and she had a black crossbody bag. I noticed it as soon as she passed me. Then I turn around and my cousin had the same black crossbody bag. I was thinking “What the heck?”  What is going on with all the Michael Kors bags. Trying not to be jealous. I need  to get some kind of MK bag, especially since on my Pinterest board “thebaggXchange” I have so many pins of Michael Kors handbags, Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a really nice one for my birthday this year. So until next time, Bagg Brigade, I’ll start seriously looking for my own Michael Kors handbag. A tote probably. That’s my thing. Wish me luck ya’ll!


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