Below the Belt

Good Thursday, Bagg Brigade! I almost missed the Today show. My favorite segment “Jill’s Steals and Deals” was half way over. She only has about five items, the segment is just a few minutes long. Anyway, today she had handbags, school supplies, necklaces, electronics and hair care products. Only caught the necklaces, electronics and some of the handbags. Electronics are waterproof. Necklaces are stones(I think). The handbags are by Below the Belt or B – lo the Belt, I don’t know. They are fold over clutches. The retail price is $287. With the discount the handbag is $59.99. Yep. Don’t forget, you have to go online quick before they are all gone!


Cole Haan

Just saw an story on a new shoe ad celebrating Cole Haan’s anniversary. I read through it because it also celebrates people who were born in 1928. This is really cool. I like that. Anyway, there are four people who are in the ad. One that I know of is Dr. Maya Angelou. Yay, Maya. Go ‘head Dr. Angelou. Anyway, she looks good as usual. Don’t mean to be insensitive to the other folks or disrespectful. I admire you too. Keep on living. Until next time Bagg Brigade, check out Cole Haan and celebrate with them!

Michael Kors and Pinterest

If  you have never been on Pinterest, it’s time you go check it out. I have about 21 boards on Pinterest, with boards about music, my favorite color blue, cute babies and HANDBAGS. That’s right! This blog is titled “thebaggXchange” and I have a board on Pinterest titled “thebaggXchange”. I have pinned so many handbags – clutches, evening bags and totes(my fave). I have pinned many Michael Kors handbags and it looks like MK may have started following my handbag board. I said it looks like it. Anyway, Thanks MK. I did go to his Pinterest page, it looks genuine to me. Until next time Bagg Brigade, will try to have a new theme by next time.

An Etsy shop

Go to Etsy and find a store called IsidoraDesigns. I just glanced at it but it has Handcrafted handbags. The shop also has diaper bags, baby blankets and other things. It says you can design your own handbags. I like that. Like I said – go to Etsy. You don’t have to be part of the Bagg Brigade, until next time.

Bagg Brigade

Hey Bagg Brigade! I just found out that I had 20 plus followers on 8-12-2013.Thank you so much  I do want people to follow what I post on my blog but I don’t want to obsess about it. I want to do better(of course). I used to want to be a writer. I even tried to write a couple of novels, Anyway, I really appreciate and hope you let me know how I am doing as far as what I am posting. How interesting am I? Do you want more specifics? I am working on trying to get better with content. I like accessories, handbags, hats and scarves. I like your comments but I still want to do better. Still working on projects, am taking photos and really trying to upload some photos. Last one was really dark. (At my uncle’s wedding). Anyway, have small crafts coming up and will upload as soon as I can. Thank you for being patient. And until next time, ’bout to use some denim fabric. Maybe a handbag?

Handbags and Headwear

Stella McCartney’s new design. She has a Wool Baseball Cap. The price: $300. Don’t forget about This crafts and diy site has begun offering photography classes. That’s nice. HANDBAG alert! Baggalini is introducing their new fall arrivals. A great variety of lovely handbags. I’m going back to this site. Already have one. Price was more than I wanted to pay, but I’m making it a classic. Navy with lots of zippers with a shoulder strap. I know the Bagg Brigade wanna go shopping! I do. Looking for a Fall handbag already. Until next time, working on my handmade totes –  medium size.


Go to Craftsy! They have free sewing classes. Some classes are free. They are basic sewing classes. Some classes  are for handbag making. The have video tutorials( on a bucket bag). Other classes are other sewing classes and even Wilton cakes! Don’t miss the Leather Handbag class from Don Morin(his site is Bag’n-telle, I think).  Hope the Bagg Brigade can check out the site. Until next time. And talk to me people! 

Old School Music

Just caught an article that says Robin Thicke is suing the family of Marvin Gaye. Didn’t read the whole story, But WT-? Am I way off? Let me know what you think.

It’s A Wrapp! – Not!

Love the new O with the Huge Afro! Oprah looks good with all that hair. And she has a great hair section. Good read and very good Issue.

Smelling Good

Did you see it? I just read that Beyoncé’s fragrance is the #1 celebrity fragrance in the world, according to InStyle. She’s Rulin'(the World)! Go ‘head Queen B.

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